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Music Producer - Sound Designer - Composer - Sound Designer -

 Multi-Instrumentalist - Recording Engineer - Guitar Player -

 Mixing - Mastering - Music And Audio Teacher

PC And Mac Services



Amit Zangi is audio, mix, and recording engineer, producer, guitar player, and multi-instrumentalist.

He studied Sound and Music Production & Engineering in Israel & has been recording professionally for over 10 years.

He owns “NONA,” a commercial studio where he and his team produce, record, edit, mix & master music & audio projects for artists & companies.

He was the recording engineer for many musicians and bands, TV and radio commercials, and live events.

He also does a good amount of location recording, including live music concerts, podcasts, sound design, and events.

Amit working with companies like Waves Audio, Nembrini Audio, Lewitt Audio, and Kemper Profiler.

He also teaches music production classes, guitar, and music theory to help and reinforce real-world advice to aspiring musicians, engineers & producers.

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ME ?

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"I’m a musician. I’m a guitarist, and this will always be my first priority. Thinking about music theory and technical aspects, which instruments and how it can be used”

Ill will be happy to give you all the sound, audio, production, and music services you need, and take your project to the absolute best and most exciting result – all with the help of rich, solid knowledge, first-class equipment, and multidisciplinary work experience.

Stop by for coffee and casual talk, meet and hearing and all its possibilities.

I am looking forward to hearing about your next project!



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Recording Engineer 

Im specialized in all kind of recording, and offer the most versatile and comfortable way for each musician in my studio or outside my studio.

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Mixing And Mastering, Audio Editing

All mixing services, in all the genres, styles and no limit to the number of channels.

I'm using the best programs, software, plugins, and hardware in the market to bring you the best and the most exciting result.

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Music Production

Producing singles and albums for all platforms, in any genre or style with special attention and personal care for the artist or the band vision, from the sketch, up to the final product.

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Sound Design, Film & Commercials

Unique and original music and sound effects for commercials, podcasts, films, and video games.

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Music And Sound Lessons

Private and online lessons in guitar and sound engineering & audio production.

Also - piano & keyboards, drums, bass, music theory, ear training, band-leader & tutor, rhythm and music note read.

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Music Instruments Repairs And Setups

Full setup and maintenance for all kinds of guitars and bass, upgrade, fix, electronics and frets care.

Also can apply for audio and music electronic like cables, wiring solutions, general repairs, amps fixes, and more. 


Computer Care And Services 

Specialist in Apple Mac OSX and Microsoft Windows system base.

Upgrade, repair, solutions, maintenance, build and optimize. 

OSX system builds on windows hardware and high-end studio (audio and video) machine.

Podcasts Services

Podcast editing, Podcast mixing, original music ( intro, outro), Podcast mastering Podcast Recording Engineer, Noise Cleanup, Noise Reduction, and Vocals polishing.


Surround Mixing

Surround Mixing for Music and Videos/FIlms.

- Spatial Audio 

- Dolby Atmos Mix

 - Apple Music Atmos

- 5.1 To 7.2.4 Format

Can convert Stereo Mix To Dolby Atmos Mix

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Music Producer ,Guitar Player ,Teacher, Multi-Instrumentalist, Sound Designer ,Mixing And Recording Engineer , PC And Mac Services


Amit is a professional in all kinds of Guitars, Music Theory, Music Production, Recording, and Mixing. He also has much experience in Bass Guitar, Drums, and Keyboards.

Amit has and still been a music teacher and band manager for more than 13 years.

Amit worked and still works with Maayan Bukris, Benaya Porat, Coral Bismuth, Ben Blackwell, Deusphera, Yoad Shoshani, DrumBite, Rinat Cohen, Yehuda Regev, Lonely Pop Junky, YVEL Jewellery, Barak and Amir Aharon, Avi Ifrach, Tomer Zidkyahu, Yogev Shitrit, Tal Medyuni, Tamarak USA and many more.

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Great results. After we finished recording the second album, we got to Amit, and the producer we worked with recommended Amit. We are happy!

Excellent work, fast and personal attitude

Authentic sound, wide and rich

Amit Mastered my 2 Albums, and he did the best job!

Highly recommend working with Amit. It provided us with a great product and all the files we needed to send to the label before printing the disc

Amit is a great Mastering engineer, and I highly recommend him

A great man to work with. Agile, accurate, infinite knowledge, and amazing results

Amit produced my first album for me after I tried a few producers already. In the first meeting, I felt it was the man I was going to work with

Amit does us a great job on dozens of podcasts we upload every week, I know I get the finished file from Amit, and I can upload it without checking the technical data required for the major platforms.

Working with Amit influenced me a lot. He has a lot of patience and accompanied me with dedication at every stage of the album process

Excellent sound, perfect mix work