About Me

Amit Zangi is a sound, mixing, and recording technician, producer, guitarist, and multi-musician. He has studied sound and music production as well as sound engineering in Israel and has professional experience with recording for over 10 years. Amit owns “NONA,” a commercial studio where he and his team produce, record, edit, mix, and master music and audio projects for artists and companies. He has worked as a recording technician for many musicians and bands, TV and radio commercials, and live events. Additionally, he conducts a significant amount of location recording, including live music concerts, podcasts, sound design, and events. Amit collaborates with companies such as Waves Audio, Nembrini Audio, Lewitt Audio, and Kemper Profiler. He also teaches music production courses, guitar, and music theory to provide practical advice and support to aspiring musicians, technicians, and producers.

Why Choose Me?

“I am a musician, specifically a guitarist, and it will always be my top priority. I enjoy delving into music theory and technical aspects, such as which instruments to use and how they can be utilized.”

I would gladly offer you all the necessary sound, audio, production, and music services required to take your project to the absolute best and most exciting outcome. My extensive and robust knowledge, combined with top-notch equipment and interdisciplinary professional experience, enables me to deliver exceptional results.

I look forward to hearing about your next project.