Recording Studio

Our recording studio is suitable for vocals, music ensembles, and live recordings. Our studio allows you to record up to 24 channels using a selection of the best available microphones.

We also have a complete set of drums, guitar amplifiers, and bass amplifiers available in the studio. Additional equipment may also be available upon prior arrangement.

We offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Live rehearsal recordings
  • Band recordings
  • Drum recordings
  • Vocal recordings
  • Recordings for events, karaoke, and choir (the studio can accommodate up to 15 people)
  • Channel recordings
  • Live recordings
  • Event recordings
  • Radio recordings, podcasts, interviews, and TV productions


Studio hour rate: 350 DKK (up to 15 people)

Recording day rate: 3000 DKK (up to 10 hours)

All prices are inclusive of VAT.